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Data security and archiving

We perform backups of all relevant data on all computers in our office on a daily basis. This ensures, for example, that no work on a current translation is lost in case of a computer crash. At the same time, all translations produced over the past 20 years have been archived. The advantage for you is that we can also supply copies of past translations which are perhaps no longer to be found on your present PC, even after a period of several years. The corresponding office documentation – correspondence, calculations and invoices – is similarly saved for at least the past 20 years.

Use of translation memories

With the aid of so-called “translation memories” we are in a position to

  • We create client- and subject-specific glossaries of the technical terms which are used in a particular text or else provided for use by the client. Where appropriate, we consult contacts named by the client to ensure that the chosen terminology is current in the field and actually designates the component or product in question. If a further assignment is received from the same client, glossary entries from the translation memory are highlighted accordingly in the new text, so that a previously used technical term can be recognised and used again, if necessary on a client-specific basis. You can thus be sure that the same translation will always be used for one and the same technical feature or product, even if several years have passed since the first translation assignment. This is especially important in conjunction with software menus, for example, where it is imperative for the translations of menu items to be preserved from one version to the next.
  • In addition to the above dictionary function, i.e. the saving and marking of recurring technical terms, the database underlying a translation memory is able to detect passages which were contained in identical or similar form in the texts of a previous software version or product variant. The previous translation can then be retrieved and suggested as a basis for the new translation. This brings certain cost benefits for such assignments, which we are glad to pass on to the client.

We work with the following translation memory software:

  • Transit XV
  • Trados Studio SDL 2009
  • across v6.3
  • memoQ


All information which comes to our knowledge in connection with a translation assignment regarding projects, the client's business and his own customers or associated companies, persons or institutions, is naturally treated with absolute confidentiality. An obligation to observe such confidentiality is also part of the agreements signed by all freelance translators working on our behalf. Furthermore, separate confidentiality agreements have been signed with various companies. Upon request, we would be glad to sign an applicable undertaking to accommodate also your particular requirements with regard to confidentiality.