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Our clients

We work predominantly for small and medium-sized enterprises from the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as for a number of major global players. Law firms and patent attorneys are also to be found among our regular clients. Officially attested translations for private individuals, however, can only be considered upon special request and subject to capacity.

Upon request, and again subject to available capacity, we also accept work on behalf of other translation offices.

A short selection from our list of references:

  • Translation of the SINUMERIK 820 T Operating and Programming Manual, 09.91 edition, into Russian
  • Translation of the SINUMERIK 840 C Programming Guide into Russian, July 1994
  • Translation of various function descriptions and operating, programming, diagnostics and maintenance instructions (predominantly for SINUMERIK 802) into English
  • Translations in 9 languages for the SIEMENS operator interface HMI Pro between 2004 and 2007, including Russian and - in cooperation with freelance translators working on our behalf - also Czech, Polish, Slovakian, Spanish, French and Hungarian
  • Translation of the “ProAgent” user manual into English for SIEMENS
  • Translation of various product brochures for Heckert GmbH Chemnitz and itspredecessors
  • Translation of various user manuals for CNC machine tools for Heckert GmbH and itspredecessors
  • Translation of various operating and maintenance manuals, erection instructions, etc. for wind turbines manufactured by NORDEX
  • Translation of management analyses, consolidated annual accounts, corporatereports, etc. for the companies Cummins Generator Technologies (AvK) and eno energy
  • Since 2004, translation of various articles for the magazine “Sun, Wind & Energy”published by Bielefelder Verlagsanstalt
  • Since 2006, translation of various operating instructions, software descriptions, user manuals, press releases, etc. for HIGHVOLT Dresden
  • Translation of various service reports by technicians attending marine generators into English>
  • Since 1985, interpreting for Russian participants at customer training seminars(operation, programming, maintenance, special courses) at VEB NUMERIK “Karl Marx” in Karl-Max-Stadt (today Chemnitz) and from 1991 at Siemens Nürnberg, Siemens Erlangen and Siemens Chemnitz on the topics CNC systems, PLC systems, drives, HMI, SIMOTION and others
  • Translation of various operating instructions, maintenance manuals, etc. for inverters, universal hardening plants, heating plants and other equipment manufactured by SMS ELOTHERM Remscheid into English, Russian and further languages

Further references can be supplied upon request.