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In Germany, it is customary to calculate the costs of translation services on the basis of so called “standard lines”. Each such line is taken to comprise 55 characters. This method also permits simple verification of the calculation by the client using the statistics and word count functions incorporated into many typical office applications, e.g. MS WORD. It is furthermore a reliable and fair method by which to summarise line fragments and solitary words.

Upon request, we can also produce quotations on the basis of the number of words.

For you as a client, the easiest way to obtain a dependable cost estimate is always to include the text to be translated when submitting an enquiry for translation services, either by e-mail (info@hartmann-translat.de or Hans-Albrecht.Hartmann@hartmann-translat.de) or by way of our online form. Only then are we able to prepare a proper, project-specific quotation. It is equally important that you indicate a required or desired (realistic) delivery date.

Please note that our standard per-line rates are calculated for continuous texts; it is important to be aware that the translation of individual words without surrounding context, as is the case for parts lists, the labelling of CAD drawings or also software menu items, cannot be compared to the translation of a corresponding volume of text within a manual or technical description. If necessary, we are also able to process CAD drawings in PDF format and would be pleased to prepare a special quotation for translation of the texts contained in such drawings.

Interpreting services are invoiced according to the duration of the assignment on the basis of either an hourly or – in the case of longer assignments – daily rate. Where an assignment runs over a longer period, we would also be pleased to offer a fixed, all-inclusive fee for the whole duration.

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