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Quality assurance

We work exclusively with translators, who hold appropriate language qualifications and possess the necessary translating experience and technical background to produce linguistically correct and terminologically sound translations in the relevant technical fields. These translators are:

  • Freelance translators with a university degree in translation and/or interpreting (or equivalent), who possess profound technical knowledge as the product of many years of experience as staff or freelance translators/interpreters. 'Many years of experience' is here understood to mean at least 10 years of proven working experience in the technical field in which translations are to be produced. In this context, I like to draw a comparison with a good wine: The older and more experienced a translator becomes, the greater his or her repertoire of translation skills, and hence the better the final translation of a text.
  • Native speakers, who have in some cases already lived in Germany for more than twenty years, and have been working here as engineers in their respective technical fields;
  • Freelance translators living and brought up abroad, who have either studied German as a foreign language or else have completed engineering studies in Germany, have generally spent several years in the country, and have often been working here for internationally recognised companies. Newly recruited translators demonstrate their qualifications by completing a trial translation, which is in turn checked and evaluated by one of the more experienced members of our team.

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Our translators are neither inexperienced students nor people hoping to “make a quick euro on the side”. We attach prime importance to quality, and this quality has its price. We naturally strive to hold our prices at a competitive level, and we consider it to be a sign of good partnership to offer our longstanding regular clients price concessions in economically difficult times or appropriate discounts for updates and revised versions of previously translated texts. But we are not a cheap supplier who earns money through sheer volume. Our philosophy is rather to accept fewer assignments at a realistic price, and thereby to be sure that we can deliver quality.

Since four eyes are known to see more than two, it is common practice for our translations to be reviewed by a second translator (at least in respect of their essential content).

The following measures are also aimed at securing the high quality of our translation services:

  • Continuous assessment of translations and original texts to systematise the relevant terminology (ensuring the consistency of terminology in later translations for the same client)
  • Regular consultations with clients, also with visits to the client's production site
  • Coordination of the terminology to be used with the client. Two approaches are possible: Either the client supplies a (company- or branch-specific) glossary with the technical terms he would like to have used in the translations (this glossary is naturally treated confidentially, will not be passed on without express permission and is used only for the agreed purposes), or else we use the terminology which, to the best of our knowledge and belief, is correct and customary in the field concerned
  • Classification of terminology feedback from clients and the incorporation of any new terms in all subsequent translations
  • Creation of client-specific glossaries (which we manage and update continuously, but never distribute externally)


All information which comes to our knowledge in connection with a translation assignment regarding projects, the client's business and his own customers or associated companies, persons or institutions, is naturally treated with absolute confidentiality. An obligation to observe such confidentiality is also part of the agreements signed by all freelance translators working on our behalf. Furthermore, separate confidentiality agreements have been signed with various companies. Upon request, we would be glad to sign an applicable undertaking to accommodate also your particular requirements with regard to confidentiality.