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Translation services

Technical translations:

We are specialised above all on technical translations in the following fields:

  • Automation engineering (CNC, PLC, CNC-controlled machinery)
  • Machine tools
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Computer and information technology, including software localisation (e.g. translations of user interfaces and menu texts)
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Microelectronics
  • Motor vehicle engineering
  • Textile machinery
  • Medical technology
  • Alternative energy sources (wind energy, solar energy)

The specialisation on these technical fields is not least a product of my ownn professional experience, but it at the same time reflects the focus and specialisations of the freelance translators who produce translations on my behalf. It is one of the guiding principles of my office that translation assignments should only be accepted in those technical fields with which we are thoroughly familiar, and where we can thus claim with a clear conscience that the user manuals, technical descriptions, menu texts or websites entrusted to us have been translated in accordance with the customary expectations of the particular branch.

Legal texts:

On the basis of my 30 years of experience as a translator, I am personally also able to accept legal and commercial texts of all kinds (e.g. non-disclosure agreements, loan agreements, purchase contracts, excerpts from company registers, sales agency agreements, offers and requests for quotation, general terms and conditions of business, etc.) for translation into the Russian and English languages. Translations from these languages into German are always produced by myself, those into the foreign language (English or Russian) either likewise by myself, with subsequent reviewing by a native speaker with corresponding knowledge of the correct legal terminology and a sound command of both languages (original and target language), or else by an appropriately qualified native speaker, for whom I then perform the quality review. Where necessary, and if requested by the client, translations can also provided with official attestation, as I have been listed as a publicly appointed and sworn translator and interpreter for the Russian and English languages since 1991.

We are unfortunately unable to offer translations of legal texts in all other languages (except Russian and English), however, as the freelance translators responsible for those languages are specialised primarily on technical translations and we thus cannot guarantee quality assurance in the manner possible for English or Russian translations.


As a university-trained linguist, I am able to offer you not only translations from and into Russian and English, but also interpreting services in both of these languages. I possess more than 30 years of experience in interpreting in the following situations:

  • Escort interpreting
  • Business negotiations with foreign partners
  • Training seminars with international participants

Other types of interpreting assignment (police, border control authorities, customs) by request.

Express translations:

Sometimes, a translation simply MUST be handled urgently! For example when the last requirement delaying completion of an important purchase deal is translation of a contract, when an article needs to be published in a foreign magazine in the last few days before a trade fair, or when your foreign business partner suggests last-minute amendments to a negotiated agreement and it is imperative that you understand exactly what is meant – for such cases, we are able to offer an express service!

Subject to the availability of the required translation capacities, your urgent texts can be processed even at short notice, with no compromises in respect of quality. As a guideline for such cases, we generally assume that it is possible to translate approx. 250 to 400 lines of text per day, depending on the level of complexity of a particular text.